Writing + Speaking Track

The journey to be a published writer and sought after speaker is a meaningful and profitable one, if you know what you're doing.

The Writing + Speaking track will walk you through the process of getting published. You’ll get behind-the-scenes real talk conversations with top agents and publishers about what they’re looking for, the secrets of publishing success, as well as answer all your questions about marketing your book. We will also teach you critical speaking strategies to help make you a success.

You’ll learn insider info in a special publishing session with literary agents, publishing houses, and authors giving you publishing pro tips that you can only get here!

Grant Baldwin
Grant Baldwin

Build Your Speaking Career

In this session, Grant Baldwin will walk you through exactly how to find and book paid speaking gigs even if you have no idea where to begin or how to get started.

You’ll learn how to get clear on who to speak to and what to speak about as well as what marketing assets you need to book gigs. You’ll discover how to position yourself as an expert and how to connect with decision makers looking to hire speakers like YOU! We’ll also discuss how much to charge and how to maximize your value as a speaker. Whether you’re brand new to speaking or have a lot of speaking experience, this is the session for you.

Jeff Goins
Jeff Goins

How to Write and Market a Bestseller

Bestselling author and online writing teacher Jeff Goins will share how most bestselling books are not an accident and what it takes to reverse engineer the process of creating a bestselling book, even if you don’t consider yourself a writer.

In this workshop, Jeff will walk you through a step-by-step process to come up with a big idea, choose a proven format for your book, and market it to bestsellerdom!

Scott Stratten
Alison Stratten
Scott & Alison Stratten

Podiums, Podcasts, Publishing and Parenting: How the Royal Couple of Content Do It All and Make it Look Easy

With 5 best selling, award winning business books, over 500 keynote sessions at conferences, and more than 250 episodes of their sponsored UnPodcast, Alison & Scott Stratten have accomplished a lot, all while madly in love and blending a family of 5 kids, 3 dogs and a cat.

In this session they will discuss Alison’s system for writing best selling business books that publishers and readers can’t get enough of; Scott’s strategy for creating keynote talks that brings in over $1,000,000 per year; and how they broke every podcast rule - have no guests, one sponsor and generate $150,000 a year doing something they’d do for free, even if no one was listening.

You might even get to hear their backstory, how they met on Twitter and the adorable yet, in hindsight, creepy tweet Scott originally sent Alison.

Behind The Curtain: An Insiders Look Into the Publishing World

Featuring: Alli Worthington, Jenni Burke, & Stephanie Smith

Many authors dream of having a book published. Making that dream a reality requires more than just writing the manuscript. In this information-packed session, you'll hear from experts in the publishing industry, including editors, agents, and publicists, who will take you behind the scene and tell you the real deal on getting a book published and promoted.

You'll walk away from this session with a better understanding of what publishers are really looking for in a book and an author, why a literary agent is a necessity (and one of your most valuable team members), how marketing your book really works, and the critical elements of a solid PR plan every author needs. If you've ever dreamed of publishing a book, this session will answer all your questions and give you real strategies you can use as you pursue your dream.

Self-Publishing Success Panel

Featuring: Jessica Turner, Honorée Corder, Jeff Goins, Ashley LeMieux & Matthew Paul Turner

The world of self-publishing has quickly become a viable and attractive solution for aspiring authors. But getting started can often leave authors with even more questions and very few answers. Which is why we’ve brought in some amazing authors and experts, to help you uncover the secrets to success in the self-publishing world.

Our distinguished panel will discuss the benefits of taking the self-publishing route with your book, actual strategies for launching your book with success without a traditional publisher, plus key insider advice on what to do, and what to avoid when launching your book.

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