Sarah Stewart Holland

Content that Creates a Podcast Community
Podcasting Workshop

Listener engagement is the oxygen for podcasts; it's how podcasts grow, thrive, and sustain themselves. In this session, Sarah and Beth will share strategies to increase listener engagement, create an ecosystem around a podcast that builds community, and nurture that community in ways that are life-giving for both the podcast and the podcaster. Come prepared to share your ideas and collectively workshop ways that you can intentionally build communities that support those ideas.

About Sarah

Sarah Stewart Holland is the cohost of Pantsuit Politics and coauthor of I Think You're Wrong (But I'm Listening): A Guide to Grace-Filled Political Conversations. Ten years ago, she left her life as a Capitol Hill staffer behind to move back to her hometown of Paducah, Kentucky, to raise a family. In 2016, she went back to politics in a big way when she knocked on 5,523 doors to win the election for a seat on the Paducah City Commission, where she served a single term.