Round Table Sessions

Our Keynote and Workshop Speakers will be bringing their A-game content but we know there are so many additional topics across our four focused tracks that you want to learn about.

To ensure you the get most out of your time at Blissdom, we created our Round Table Discussions. These focused, intimate session kick-off what will be a info-packed, fun-filled weekend. These sessions will be held on Thursday afternoon from 2-5pm - so plan accordingly - you do not want to miss them! Each talk will be 30 minutes with additional time for your Q&A’s.

Check out our amazing line-up of Round Table Speakers below.

Round Table Speakers


Jennifer Blossom

Putting it All Together: Brand, Team, Partnerships + Scaling

Ready to move from idea to implementation? This step-by-step strategy session will help you define and cultivate a powerful brand, a thriving team, strategic brand partnerships, and a profitable, scalable business. Your complete blueprint for taking your business from mess to mastery AWAITS!

Jennifer is a #toddlermom, occupational therapist, and CEO/Founder of Blossoming Mommy And Baby - an international digital wellness brand that helps moms simplify healthy living and modern homemaking.

Connect with Jennfier on Instagram at @blossomingmommyandbaby.


Kate Bryan

Connecting with Followers through Instagram & Instagram Stories

Kate has been blogging for over 8 years (yes, before Instagram was a thing) and has learned to ride the wave of whichever platform is hottest at the moment in order to continue to stay relevant and connected with her readers. In her session, she’ll discuss how she’s seen success (and failure) with Instagram & Instagram Stories, and share ways you can best use the platform as an extension of your brand or business.

Kate is a wife and mother of 3 children. She is a former hairstylist turned blogger and lives in North Carolina.

Connect with Kate on Instagram at @K8_smallthings.

Aaronica Cole

The Business Side of Blogging

In order to make a business out of blogging, writing, and marketing, you need to treat it like it's, well, a business. That doesn't just mean making money--this also means getting your business documents in check. In this session, we'll review what you need to do to establish yourself as a business entity from the business plan to financial accounts and more.

Aaronica is a homeschooling mom of 3 behind who loves dotting her i's and crossing her t's.

Connect with Aaronica on Instagram at @thecrunchymommy.

Elizabeth Evans

Keep Your Podcast Listeners Coming Back For More

How do I make my podcast stand out? Is this even worthwhile? Is anyone listening? When you know how to reach your target audience and market to their needs, your podcast content transforms occasional listeners into loyal tribe members. Join Elizabeth as you begin to build your podcast confidence by learning why the process isn’t done after recording, where to promote your show, the lingo to use to make listeners feel understood, and how you can actually reduce your work load with each episode released. It’s time to end the cycle of confusion and begin impacting the lives of your listeners.

Elizabeth is a marketing creative, with a niche in podcasting, that provides her clients with strategy, energy, and authority to reach their ideal audience. She’s also an Enneagram 5, so be ready for her to ask you all the questions when you meet!

Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram at

Wendy Goldman Scherer

11 Ways to Up Your Game With Social Media Listening

The world social media listening, analysis, and insights keeps evolving -- and the uses for this skillset is growing daily. Understanding creative use cases and best practices for social listening will provide you with a broader background to enhance marketing services for your own brands and your clients. The roundtable will include practical suggestions for tool selection, further learning, and more.

Wendy the managing partner of The Social Studies Group, has been doing social media research since 1995 and loves data, books, baking, spinning, and swimming.

Connect with Wendy on Instagram at @wendyscherer.

Carrie Grace

The Power of Risk Taking

It's so easy to hop on social media and watch everyone living their dreams out, but what about you? This session will teach you how to take big, better risks to get closer to your goals and dreams. It'll also give practical tips to overcome rejection, and ways to find yes's in a world full of no's.

Carrie Grace is a motivational speaker who believes in daring to dream big and takes all the risks like attending the Grammy's and celebrating her birthday on a Southwest flight.

Connect with Carrie on Instagram at @carriegraceshop.

Allison Hardy

4 Steps to a Highly Engaged (and Profitable) Facebook Group

In my tried and true four step system I'll show you how to create a Facebook group that is not only highly engaged, but also generates consistent revenue every single day. A Facebook group can set you up as the "go-to" expert in your field, attract ideal clients to you, and turn those raving fans into buying, loyal clients through some very strategic, and simple, tools and strategies. When the rest of the "gurus" are telling you that Facebook groups are dead, I say that Facebook groups are THRIVING, when used and employed properly.

Allison helps mompreneurs create thriving 6-figure businesses through effective strategy, finding a community for support, and practical mindset work.

Connect with Allison on Instagram at @allison_hardy_.

Emily Ho

How to Build Diversified Income Streams Within Your Business and Blog

Are you afraid of putting all your income eggs in a single basket? Tired of volatility with your income? In this roundtable, we'll discuss different types of income streams, why diversification is beneficial, and how to identify what streams may work best for you based on your experience, platform, and passions.

Emily is a digital marketing expert who has harnessed the power of strategic alignment over the past nine years to grow complementary income streams between her consulting company, Authentically Social, and blog, Authentically Emmie.

Connect with Emily on Instagram at @authemmie.

Holly Homer Profile 1181x1181.jpg
Holly Homer

How to Squeeze Every Penny of Monetization Out of Your Blog in a Non-Salesy Way

Let's chat about the ad revenue, affiliate income, sponsored posts, your own products, and other revenue avenues. Holly Homer has mastered the art of audience arbitrage and will show you how to leverage your community to corner the market in a way that you don't have to compete on the basis of price. She is passionate that the only way you can continue to spread your message is through a profitable path.

Holly is the author of three books, owner of and runs the Quirky Momma FB page - her blogging hobby she turned into her dream job.

Connect with Holly on Instagram at @Texasholly and @KidsActivitiesBlog.

Shelly Kramer

Influencer Marketing Revisited

Want to take your influencer work to the next level? Want more opportunities for influencer work, and longer term relationships? This workshop will help you understand how marketers (and brands think) -- and how they look at influencer campaigns and calculate ROI.

Shelly is a marketing brand strategist, tech geek, and mother of four daughters. Pass the wine, please.

Connect with Shelly on Instagram at @shellykramer.

Audrey McClelland & Vera Sweeney

Creating a Multi-Level Business from Your Blog

In an ever changing world of social media, it’s important to make sure all your eggs aren’t in 1 basket. In this session, Audrey and Vera will show you how they built a multi-level business that started from their blogs over 12 years ago. It’s all about thinking like a businesswoman and seeing the other opportunities out there and going after them. Their mission is to teach people to "zig when they zag!”

Audrey left the fashion world of Donna Karan International in NYC to bring her fashion expertise and mom experience to Mom Generations.

Vera – mom, blogger, social media influencer, and New York resident – is the founder of Lady and the Blog. Her lifestyle and parenting brand helps busy women stay on top of the latest style, travel, and parenting trends.

Together, Audrey and Vera have been blogging for over 12 years. Throughout the years, they have created businesses that have continuously helped them monetize and grow within the digital space, both offline and online. Besides and, they have created Getting Gorgeous Events, A+V Media and Permission to Hustle.

Connect with Audrey on Instagram at @AudreyMcClelland.

Connect with Vera on Instagram at @VeraSweeney.

Jaime McLaughlin

Overcome Burnout: Thrive at Home and Work

The unattainable expectations that society places on women create a distorted perception of the path that leads to success. Learn how to overcome burnout and be proactive versus reactive when it comes to self-care, daily choices and habits you create, and develop a healthy pace for success. Through my teachings and resources, you will identify life-changing methods which will allow you to thrive at home and within your career.

Jaime is the founder of The Mac House Blog and Master Your Motherhood, as well as a blogger, speaker, and self-care expert who has helped women worldwide implement simplified strategies to thrive at home and at work.

Connect with Jaime on Instagram at @_TheMacHouse_.

Melissa Nixon

5 Steps to Sales Success

Did you know your customers are waiting on you to ask for the sale? In this round table, you will learn the 5 key steps to closing every sale starting with your belief all the way through follow-up. You will walk away with sales confidence and a strategy for sales success in any industry. Get ready to not only change the trajectory of your sales but the lives of your customers.

Melissa is known as the The Courage Coach and helps women leaders and entrepreneurs to show up and lead courageously.

Connect with Melissa on Instagram at @melissajnixon.

Leslie Nunn Reed

Communicating Loud and Clear

Get practical perspective on your brand in 2 areas and stand out as you share your message:
1. CLARITY -- Who you are, what need your audience has and the problem you help them solve.
2. REACH -- How to use the right megaphones for connecting with them and uniquely meeting their need so they stay engaged.

Leslie loves making the connections that make brand messages stand out and has guided multiple New York Times bestselling authors, event speakers, and communicators as they shape and share their messages.

Connect with Leslie on Instagram at @leslienunnreed.

Mary O'Donohue Photo.jpg
Mary O'Donohue

5 Key Steps to Getting Media Attention for Your Book

A media interview is a marketing asset that somebody else pays to create. So it’s wise to be prepared. Learn the 5 crucial steps you must take in order to be media-ready.

Marketing Your Book Panel Member

Mary is a Bestselling Author and Former Oprah Show Post Producer who teaches authors how to get publicity without a publicist, and do game-changing media interviews.

Connect with Mary on Twitter at @Mary_ODonohue.

Debbie Saviano Headshot.jpg
Debbie Saviano

How to Get National Exposure for Your Business

Do you want to expand your business by selling on TV, being published in international award-winning magazines, or maximize relationships for national exposure?

If so, then join Debbie as she gives you the STRATEGIES to take your business and product to the next level. You'll learn specific strategies to develop a plan to gain the national exposure you want!

Debbie's passion for education and life-long learning is ever present as one of the three Founders of Women’s Leadership LIVE (WLL), a guiding force and proponent of women. Debbie now spends her time educating and training others on the power of Social Media, through speaking, courses and publications.

Connect with Debbie on Instagram at @DebbieSaviano.

Or learn more about Womens Leadership LIVE at @WomensLeadershipLive.

Ellen Seidman

How to Break into Magazines

Looking to see your personal essay in print? Wondering how to submit an idea to a magazine website? Content veteran Ellen Seidman, who has held senior positions at Glamour, Good Housekeeping, HGTV Magazine, and numerous other publications, will give insider tips on getting a piece or post published. You’ll also get guidance on how to angle a pitch so it has a better chance of getting accepted.

Ellen is a mom of three, Editor at Large for HGTV Magazine, blogger, and professional snacker.

Connect with Ellen on Instagram at @ellenrseidman.

Jamie Trull

Overcoming Numbers Overwhelm

Love working on the creative side of your business, but proclaim yourself "not a numbers person?" Does the thought of business finances make you feel overwhelmed or anxious? In this session we'll chat about strategies to overcome this overwhelm and get a better handle on the financial side of your business. You'll come away with tangible recommendations for how to create better financial habits that will let you breathe a sigh of relief AND help you grow your bottom line!

Jamie is owner and founder of Balance CFO, a company that helps women business owners gain clarity around their business finances so that they can achieve their big dreams. She's also a mother of two and a self-professed Numbers Nerd.

Connect with Jamie on Instagram at @jamie.trull.

Ciji Townsend

Is work life balance even a thing?

While, mastering the notorious work life balance seems to be all the rage, the real goal should be embracing a healthy balance in all areas of your life. It's not an easy task to "David a BUSY Goliath," but with the right tools and a mindset shift you can leave this session ready to tackle the impossible.

Ciji is a go-getter that understands the importance of rest, a "have it all" kind of gal just not at the same time and an unrelenting advocate for balance.

Connect with Ciji on Instagram at @balancednotbusy.