Photography + Video Track

Anyone can take a picture or create video content, but it takes someone special to build a profitable business as a visual content creator!

The Photography + Video track will elevate your business by highlighting the do's and don'ts of branding your visual content business, explaining the ever-changing world of Instagram, breaking down video and vlogging channels, and deciphering YouTube strategies as of 2019.

You’ll learn the most current and relevant information about what’s working on YouTube, IGtv, Instagram Live, Facebook Live (or whatever ‘they’ dream up next between now and then!) Plus, you’ll learn the secrets to success from the entrepreneurs who have made it work for them.

Lucrecer Braxton
Lucrecer Braxton

Next Level Portraits

Are you looking to improve the portraits you take of people and yourself?

In this session, we will focus on using subtle changes in light, angles, and posing to highlight your best features. We will explore how to connect with your subject and create intimate portraits that tell a story using your camera and your digital device. We will also discuss how to use some of the most popular filters to enhance your picture without looking like an over-processed hot mess.

Jeannette Kaplun
Jeannette Kaplun

Yes! You Can Be Amazing on Video

Have you ever felt that video just isn’t for you? That it's too complicated and you can't handle seeing yourself on video? Well think again! We can all be amazing on video, yes that means YOU, whether it's a Facebook Live, YouTube, a local TV segment or Instagram.

In this session, Jeannette will share with you how to tell a story, whether you have 15 seconds or 5 minutes, how to think like a producer (and save yourself a lot of headaches), and how to be less self-conscious when on camera.

She'll also be dropping her best secrets from over 20 years in the television industry, on how to look your absolute best on camera - everything from the lighting you need, to makeup tips, to the best camera angles - she's going to share it all!

Mindy McKnight
Shaun McKnight
Mindy & Shaun McKnight

Demystifying YouTube

Get ready to learn all the best practices for everything YouTube!

In this workshop, Mindy and Shaun will everything from from the best performing content to post, to what YouTube's AI is currently favoring. They will also outline new tips in REO (Recommendation Engine Optimization), the best forms of fan engagement, how to avoid copyright claims, how to gain new subscribers, and tips to optimize ad revenue while avoiding demonetization.

David Molnar
David Molnar

3 Secrets to Shoot Pro-Quality Portraits

All natural light.
No Flash.
Totally Professional Portraits.

David will be sharing 3 ridiculously easy lighting formulas you can use to create pro-quality portraits every time. Be careful with this info, not only will you be able to capture stunning portraits of your family but your friends might just beg to pay you to shoot their portraits as well.

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