Meagan Francis

Let Your Podcast Work For You: The Secrets to Monetizing Your Podcast
Podcasting Workshop

Can a podcast really make money? Answer: yes, and possibly more than you think. In this session, Sarah Powers and Meagan Francis, co-hosts of The Mom Hour podcast, will share strategies for smart monetization. They'll give you the inside scoop on landing sponsors, the difference between podcast ad and other ads you may have used, pricing ads, prepping your sponsor for recording, and the elements of a super successful sponsored campaign. Plus so much much - it’s time to make your podcast work for you!

About Meagan

Meagan Francis is a 15+ year media veteran whose work has appeared in nearly every medium, from books, magazines, and blogs, to social media, radio, and television. Meagan is co-host of The Mom Hour podcast and founder of Life, Listened, a podcast production company & advertising agency focused on parenting & women's lifestyle shows.