Kayla Aimee

Secrets to Leveraging Affiliates for Consistent Income
Business + Entrepreneur Workshop

Have you thought of using affiliate marketing but feel overwhelmed and intimidated? Aren’t sure if it will work for your audience? Join top affiliate marketers, popular bloggers, and best-selling authors Jessica Turner and Kayla Aimee to learn affiliate marketing secrets for generating consistent income. They’ll pull back the curtain on their most successful campaigns and share insights for creating excellent relationships with affiliate managers. You’ll receive practical, no-nonsense advice, best practices and inspiration for maximizing your blog’s income potential through affiliate links.

About Kayla

Kayla Aimee is a sought-after speaker, author of In Bloom: Trading Restless Insecurity for Abiding Confidence, and the creative force behind Fruitful Blogging, which has helped thousands of women pursue their passion in the online space. Her work has been featured on several national media outlets including The TODAY Show, ParentLife, and The Huffington Post. You’ll find her always encouraging women to laugh easily, love boldly, and be fully themselves at kaylaaimee.com.