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Jenni Burke has been helping authors build profitable, sustainable, life-giving writing careers since 2006. As a senior literary agent with D. C. Jacobson & Associates, she represents bestselling authors in adult nonfiction, especially women’s issues, lifestyle, spiritual growth, and memoir. Jenni focuses her energy on developing stunning book proposals, negotiating killer publishing deals, collaborating on marketing campaigns, and encouraging her clients as they do the brave work of sending forth their words into the world.

Jenni lives near the Cascade Mountains in Oregon with her husband Seth and their two young children. When not working or reading, she enjoys getting her hands in the dirt with her family or planning her next trip to Italy. She has combined two of her passions—writers and Europe—into the Tuscany Writers' Retreat, a soul care pilgrimage for creatives in the land of the Renaissance. (Follow the photo trail on Instagram at #TuscanyWritersRetreat).