At Blissdom we believe in the power of community, wisdom, and that rising tides lift all boats. We are a community of women that works to improve our lives and business because we know that true success depends on both.

Community Leaders play a vital role in ensuring our vision is a reality. As a Community Leader you will:

  • Work as an ambassador of Blissdom sharing our culture and heart for empowering our sisters.

  • Welcome fellow attendees and answer questions as they come up during the event and in the attendee community.

  • Share updates about Blissdom on Social Media leading up to the event.

  • Help facilitate discussion during Q&A time at the end of workshops.

In exchange for your help, you'll receive a FREE pass to Blissdom and access to a private Community Leader Facebook group with Alli Worthington! 

Community Leaders will be announced soon! Check back for more details.