The Self-Publishing Path with Ashley LeMieux: Episode 10

In episode 10 of the Blissdom Podcast, Alli is joined by the super talented Ashley LeMieux.

Ashley is a writer, speaker, and the CEO and founder of The Shine Project. Her passion is cheering on the underdogs, and believes in using her story to help others find courage to live in their own stories. Through her Shine Project, she helps women have the resources they need to shine in their lives. Plus, she'll be joining us at Blissdom sharing her experience as a self-published author!

Together, Alli and Ashley discuss:

  1. Why she wrote her first book in the hardest season of her life.

  2. The story behind her self-publishing success after being rejected by 30 publishers.

  3. The power of writing a strong book proposal, no matter which publishing route you choose.

Some of our favorite quotes:

  • “I decided I wasn’t writing this book. And then two months later my agent called and said, “You need to write this book. I know it isn’t taking the path you want it to, but you have to write this book, because it is going to change people’s lives.”

  • “Success isn’t one moment but constant movement.“

  • “For some reason I felt like having a publisher would give me this validation that I was good enough to be a writer. For so long when I didn’t get that validation, I believe that what I wanted to write wasn’t worth writing. Know that you aren’t writing for validation, you are writing because you know what you have to say will change people’s lives.”

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