The Power of Facebook Ads with Jenny Randle: Episode 11

In episode 11 of the Blissdom Podcast, Jenny Randle, joins Alli for an incredible drive into the world of Facebook.

Jenny is a creative ninja, author, speaker, and all-around Facebook Ads expert! Plus, she's coming to Blissdom to dig into Facebooks Ads even more during her Round Table Session!

Together, Alli and get real about:

  1. How to harness the power of Facebook ads to reach your niche audience.

  2. What the Facebook pixel is why you should be using it today.

  3. Why you shouldn’t waste money on Facebook ads that are not targeted.

  4. Jenny's own strategy that changed the course of her career.

  5. The value of using ads to create a more personal experience for your customer.

Here’s just a few of our favorite quotes:

  • “My freelance business as a creative was growing and I couldn’t keep up with it. So we were like what would it look like if we started growing the business, specifically through Facebook ads. Can we grow it enough to get him [my husband] out of the 9 to 5 and really live a life of more freedom? It worked and it has worked for the last 4 years at our creative agency. And it’s flourishing.”

  • “If you don’t do Facebook Ads, you are just throwing money out the window. You can create a customer journey experience based on how people are reacting to your content.“

  • “You are creating a bond with your customer and that is what makes you unique and stand out from the noise.”

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