The Art of Taking Risks in Your Career with Carrie Grace: Episode 13

In episode 13 of the Blissdom Podcast, we welcome the inspiring and super fun Carrie Grace!

Carrie is one of those people that just make you smile. She is an encourager, motivational speaker, believer in kindness, and she’s been known to throw some pretty incredible parties. As one of our amazing Round Table Speakers, she’ll be sharing even more during her session “The Power of Risk Taking” and we can’t wait!

Together, Alli and Carrie talk through:

  1. How to stop holding yourself back and sabotaging your progress.

  2. Why you need to focus on starting and not fixating on the finish line.

  3. Her career and her secret behind booking over 50 speaking engagements in her second year.

Here’s just a few of our favorite quotes:

  • “I don’t have any fear in sending emails. 90% of the time it doesn’t work but I don’t need it to work 90%. I only need it to work 10% of the time in order to pay the bills. It is a lot of rejection, but it also a lot of awesome opportunity.”

  • “People really do have really cool, big, awesome dreams most people won’t even get on the starting line.“

  • “We often rob other people from the chance of opportunity, or partnership or collaboration because we don’t even invite them to the discussion. We pre-decide that they are going to say no so we don’t even ask.”

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