Profitable Facebook Groups with Allison Hardy: Episode 6

In episode 6 of the Blissdom Podcast, Alli is joined by Allison Hardy.

Allison is a successful business coach who helps mompreneurs create thriving 6-figure businesses through effective strategy, finding a community for support, and practical mindset work.

She is also the host of The 6-Figure Mompreneur Podcast. Plus, you'll have a chance to learn from Allison when she joins us at Blissdom as a Round Table Speaker to teach us her 4 Steps to a Highly Engaged (and Profitable) Facebook Group.

Together, Alli and Allison talk through:

  1. Why a Facebook group is the key to growing your business.

  2. Tips for staying sane as a group administrator.

  3. The important differences between a group and your business page.

  4. What you should to avoid when starting or joining a Facebook group.

Some of our favorite quotes:

  • “As soon as I started that group, it filled up quickly and most of it was organic. I thought let’s take this thing and put it towards my business?”

  • A group is banded around one idea, one mission. As a business owner, I’d encourage to band it around your ideal client.”

  • Facebook has shifted. The focus used to be connecting you with everyone around the world and casting a big net, but not really going deep. Now, they want more relationship building and they are promoting groups like crazy.

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