Monetizing Your Blog with Holly Homer: Episode 14

In episode 14 of the Blissdom Podcast, we welcome the wise and incredibly talented, Holly Homer to the show!

Holly is the author of three fantastic books, the founder and owner of and she runs the wildly popular Quirky Momma FB page, which has over 3 million followers and is her very own blogging hobby turned dream job.

Together, Alli and Holly talk through:

  1. How to monetize your blog to the fullest.

  2. Out of the box strategies you can use to build your social media following.

  3. Why diversifying your efforts so one platform doesn’t control your success.

Here’s just a few of our favorite quotes:

  • “It’s just been one of my missions. If you are going to do it and there’s a way to make money at it and it doesn’t harm anyone…then why are you leaving money on the table?”

  • “Keep trying stuff, but not just on one platform but all the platforms. When something works on one network, a lot of times you are going to find some synergy somewhere else in your business where it will work as well.“

  • “Every single time I’ve been forced into a non-comfort zone, something amazing has happened after that. Even with spectacular failures, it made me scrappier and more resilient to find more ways to do it.”

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