Marketing Your Book Like A Pro: Episode 17

One of the biggest misconceptions aspiring authors often realize is that writing the book is actually the easy part of the process. Getting your book into the hands of thousands of people requires a lot of work and marketing.

That's where Caleb Peavy comes in! Caleb is the founder and mastermind behind Unmutable, where he specializes in helping small businesses and creative professionals, including authors, market their products and drive sales. His impressive roster of clients includes New York Times bestselling authors, national brands, non-profits, film studios, and creative entrepreneurs.

And he's coming to Blissdom to share his wealth of knowledge with YOU!

On today's podcast, Caleb and Alli discuss:

  • The real book marketing secrets that every author and entrepreneur needs to know.

  • The difference between building a platform and marketing.

  • And why the email list is still king.

This is a fantastic episode and we can't wait to learn even more from Caleb when he joins us in Nashville for his session "Move The Needle:Create A Book Marketing Plan That Actually Works”

Here’s just a few of our favorite quotes:

  • “Platform building is different than marketing. It’s hard to build and market at the same time.”

  • “Writing the book is ⅓ and marketing the book is ⅔ of it.”

  • “Marketing means movement, not manipulation.””

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