Getting Out Of Your Own Way with Jo Saxton: Episode 2

In episode 2 of the Blissdom Podcast with Alli Worthington, we’re joined by Jo Saxton, Blissdom Keynote speaker, author, and leadership expert.

Jo talks through why it’s time we get out of our own way and shares:

  1. How to confront and move past Imposter Syndrome.

  2. Why success doesn’t always feel comfortable and convenient and how to make peace with the hard parts of your journey.

  3. How to get out of your own way to rise to move forward in life and career.

Some of our favorite quotes:

  • “The reality is that both starting out and making pivots do require more mental and emotional energy…because change and transition does. There is something of a cost to making a shift. But just because it’s costly and difficult doesn’t make it wrong.”

  • “I think there was probably a burning passion in me from that point on ‘I don’t want anything or anyone to get in my way, but particularly not me.’”

  • “Inadequacy is a very powerful thing and it is very debilitating. And anything that makes us feel inadequate—we need coached out of us.”

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