How To Keep Your Podcast Listeners Hooked: Episode 18

As the creator of a podcast, naturally you have something you want to share. But how do you craft episodes that keep your listeners engaged and coming back for more.

Elizabeth Evans knows the challenges podcasters face, as a podcast host herself and owner of a full-service podcast production agency, she helps other podcasters develop killer content that their audiences love.

Lucky for us, she’s coming to Blissdom to share her killer insights into getting your listeners coming back for more!

On today's podcast, Elizabeth and Alli dig into:

  • The storytelling secrets that keep your listeners hooked.

  • Why more content is not always better.

  • How to know if podcasting is really right for you.

This is a must listen for every podcaster!

Here’s just a few of our favorite quotes:

  • “It takes a lot for a business owner to release part of their business and trust someone else with it.”

  • “When someone comes to me and asks if they should start a podcast. My first question to them is, ‘Why? Why, do you want to start a podcast?’”

  • “If you don’t know your why first then you aren’t going to be able to cross the finish line and sustain yourself.”

  • “Yes, a podcast will absolutely elevate your brand, but it will not fix the problems in your business. It will not fix poor business practice.”

  • “When you are structuring your episode lean into the power of story.”

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