Dynamite Keynote Presentations with Scot Stratten: Episode 4

In this episode of the Blissdom Podcast, Alli is joined by long time Blissdom family member Scott Stratten. Scott is a globally-sought after speaker, 5x author, founder of Unmarketing Inc., and Blissdom Keynote Speaker.

Scott shares some valuable lessons, including:

  1. How to best prepare for an event or conference.

  2. How to bring value to your clients on and off the stage.

  3. The art of delivering the perfect keynote presentation.

Some of our favorite quotes:

  • You have to always remember how you got to where you are. My world is about community and connection. For all the success we have now, like anything with the entrepreneurial spirit, the climb was not straight. Not up all the time. When you back up and say what were the pivotal moments in your career, it’s not only just Blissdom for me, but the Blissdom family.”

  • “The gig doesn’t start when you get on the stage. As a speaker, I am one piece of the giant conference puzzle.”

  • “I firmly believe we create our own competition. We allow people to look elsewhere by how we serve or how we don’t. That’s not what I wanted.”

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