Creating An Authentic And Awesome Instagram Feed: Episode 19

Creating an appealing and cohesive Instagram feed is a challenge all entrepreneurs navigate.

Lucky for us, Liza Hippler is a master visual storyteller and amazing photographer - and she's giving us the inside scoop on creating amazing Instagram feeds. 

On the podcast Liza and Alli dig into all things photography and Instagram, including:

  • Liza's best tips & tricks to achieving an Instagram feed with cohesive color and light.

  • How to authentically reflect your brand.

  • The pictures you actually need to get during a brand photoshoot.

No matter your business, if you use Instagram, take the time to listen to this awesome episode!

Here’s just a few of our favorite quotes:

  • “Presets are way different than filters and we have over-filtered ourselves.”

  • It’s all in the lighting, you can’t fudge lighting.”

  • “Your main look should be you plus awesome.”

  • “You want people to know what you are about immediately.”

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