Inside The Publishing Process with Stephanie Smith: Episode 7

In episode 7 of the Blissdom Podcast, Alli is joined by Stephanie Smith.

Stephanie is an editor and publisher, as well as the creative genius behind Stephanie's passion is supporting, stretching, and championing authors as they bring the best out of their message.

In episode 7, Alli and Stephanie discuss:

  1. What gets publishers excited about a proposal.

  2. Why you shouldn’t turn in a full manuscript.

  3. Why your editor is very similar to a personal trainer.

Some of our favorite quotes:

  • “Publishing really is such relational work. You have relationship with your readers, your agent, with your editor, and your publishing team as a whole. And I think at the foundation of that, what makes for a great process is trust.”

  • “Writing is a spiritual process because it involves the whole of you. I believe the editorial process can be a very pastoral process in the sense that you are guiding and shaping not just a book, but a human’s output that has engaged their whole person.”

  • “I’m a big believer that those on- liners are really what transforms readers’ lives. It’s that distilled, bright idea.”

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Profitable Facebook Groups with Allison Hardy: Episode 6

In episode 6 of the Blissdom Podcast, Alli is joined by Allison Hardy.

Allison is a successful business coach who helps mompreneurs create thriving 6-figure businesses through effective strategy, finding a community for support, and practical mindset work.

She is also the host of The 6-Figure Mompreneur Podcast. Plus, you'll have a chance to learn from Allison when she joins us at Blissdom as a Round Table Speaker to teach us her 4 Steps to a Highly Engaged (and Profitable) Facebook Group.

Together, Alli and Allison talk through:

  1. Why a Facebook group is the key to growing your business.

  2. Tips for staying sane as a group administrator.

  3. The important differences between a group and your business page.

  4. What you should to avoid when starting or joining a Facebook group.

Some of our favorite quotes:

  • “As soon as I started that group, it filled up quickly and most of it was organic. I thought let’s take this thing and put it towards my business?”

  • A group is banded around one idea, one mission. As a business owner, I’d encourage to band it around your ideal client.”

  • Facebook has shifted. The focus used to be connecting you with everyone around the world and casting a big net, but not really going deep. Now, they want more relationship building and they are promoting groups like crazy.

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Crafting The Perfect Pitch With Mary O'Donohue: Episode 5

In episode 5 of the Blissdom Podcast, Alli is joined by Mary O’Donohue. Mary is a bestselling author, former Oprah Show Producer, and marketing coach who teaches authors how to get publicity without a publicist, and do game-changing media interviews. Plus Mary is joining us at Blissdom as a Round Table Speaker and a member of the Marketing Your Book panel.

Together, Alli and Mary talk through:

  1. How to craft the perfect pitch for amazing media coverage.

  2. Why you don’t need connections to land national media gigs.

  3. Tips for nailing your interview and connecting with your audience.

Some of our favorite quotes:

  • “People think, ‘I can’t be on national TV, I’m not already famous.’ I’ll say it’s not about that. It’s just about understanding the needs of that media outlets audience and do you serve those needs in an interesting way.”

  • “You know what the biggest obstacle is? It’s mindset. You’ve got something to offer. Find out who is serving that audience and serve them too.”

  • “I think the most important thing is always to have an intention for your interview. A media interview is a conversation but it’s a conversation with a purpose and intent. I want to walk out of that studio with a marketing asset and not just a souvenir.”

  • Fear is an invitation to walk through open doors. And those open doors may not be the doors you’ve been pushing down, the goals you thought you had, or the paths you thought you’d go down.”

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Dynamite Keynote Presentations with Scot Stratten: Episode 4

In this episode of the Blissdom Podcast, Alli is joined by long time Blissdom family member Scott Stratten. Scott is a globally-sought after speaker, 5x author, founder of Unmarketing Inc., and Blissdom Keynote Speaker.

Scott shares some valuable lessons, including:

  1. How to best prepare for an event or conference.

  2. How to bring value to your clients on and off the stage.

  3. The art of delivering the perfect keynote presentation.

Some of our favorite quotes:

  • You have to always remember how you got to where you are. My world is about community and connection. For all the success we have now, like anything with the entrepreneurial spirit, the climb was not straight. Not up all the time. When you back up and say what were the pivotal moments in your career, it’s not only just Blissdom for me, but the Blissdom family.”

  • “The gig doesn’t start when you get on the stage. As a speaker, I am one piece of the giant conference puzzle.”

  • “I firmly believe we create our own competition. We allow people to look elsewhere by how we serve or how we don’t. That’s not what I wanted.”

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Starting Your Own Podcast with Ameerah Saine: Episode 3

In this episode of the Blissdom Podcast, Alli is joined by Ameerah Saine, founder of the lifestyle brand Brunch and Slay, host of the Brunch and Slay Podcast, and Blissdom workshop speaker.

Ameerah shares her lesson’s learn during her entrepreneurship journey and breaks down:

  1. Why Podcasting is one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience.

  2. Tips on where to start and what you should avoid.

  3. The legwork you need to do before joining us at Blissdom in November.

Some of our favorite quotes:

  • “I’m not a blogger. It did not work with me. But, I think I’m a natural talker so it [the podcast] was just an organic evolution for me.”

  • “The thing I see people do the most, not just in podcasting but definitely in podcasting, is not being consistent enough. If you start a podcast, people will want to hear from you. You are building a relationship.

  • “When the brands reached out I knew I was on to something. When they kept coming I thought, “I’m going to have to find out how to monetize and scale this because people want this. What are you going to do?””

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Getting Out Of Your Own Way with Jo Saxton: Episode 2

In episode 2 of the Blissdom Podcast with Alli Worthington, we’re joined by Jo Saxton, Blissdom Keynote speaker, author, and leadership expert.

Jo talks through why it’s time we get out of our own way and shares:

  1. How to confront and move past Imposter Syndrome.

  2. Why success doesn’t always feel comfortable and convenient and how to make peace with the hard parts of your journey.

  3. How to get out of your own way to rise to move forward in life and career.

Some of our favorite quotes:

  • “The reality is that both starting out and making pivots do require more mental and emotional energy…because change and transition does. There is something of a cost to making a shift. But just because it’s costly and difficult doesn’t make it wrong.”

  • “I think there was probably a burning passion in me from that point on ‘I don’t want anything or anyone to get in my way, but particularly not me.’”

  • “Inadequacy is a very powerful thing and it is very debilitating. And anything that makes us feel inadequate—we need coached out of us.”

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How To Build A Successful Speaking Career With Grant Baldwin: Episode 1

In this episode of the Blissdom Podcast with Alli Worthington, we’re joined by Grant Baldwin, nationally known speaker, podcaster, speaking coach, author, and Blissdom workshop speaker.

Grant’s wisdom is top notch when it comes to building your speaking career. In this episode, he shares:

  1. The foundational questions all speakers must ask themselves when launching their speaking career.

  2. How to assess and strategically align yourself with the right audience.

  3. Why a narrow and focused message is actually the best way to book speaking opportunities.

  4. Setting realistic goals as a speaker.

  5. Pricing strategies you might not be considering (but should!)

  6. And what Grant wishes he knew about pursuing a speaking career 10 years ago.

Some of our favorite quotes:

  • “When I started speaking, I felt like I had the potential but I needed the plan.”

  • “Speaking is a long-term relationship business and relationships take time.”

  • “Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. It is mentally, emotionally, spiritually exhausting. And so you need people around you. If you don’t have those people, they are going to be at Blissdom.”

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