Blissdom Affiliate Program


Blissdom is one of the premier conferences for experienced women’s lifestyle content creators, writers, podcasters, speakers, entrepreneurs, and social media influencers. Originally founded in 2008, Blissdom came to life to initiate and develop conversations among women & moms bloggers and brands. These were the trailblazing early days of blogger/brand partnerships and the influencer marketing industry itself.  

Now, just over 10 years later, the Blissdom community has evolved to become the leaders, teachers, and mentors in the writing, podcasting, influencer marketing and content creation space.

By joining our Affiliate Program now, you can earn a $100 bonus for each ticket purchased through your affiliate link.

Interested? Here’s how to sign up!

First you’ll need to join the PromoteBlissdom Affiliate Program by clicking on the link below.

Note: You will need to login to your Eventbrite account or create a profile. Make sure your Paypal account information is up to date on your Eventbrite profile because that is where the payments will be made by Blissdom within 15 days of the end of each month.

Once you join the program, you will be given a unique referral link to use to promote Blissdom. This is the link you’ll need to use whenever you’re linking or promoting the conference. After all, you want the credit for the purchase so you get your bonus.

Special Affiliate Discount Code

As an affiliate partner, we want to help you be successful! So we are also offering a special discount code that you may share to further entice your fans and followers. By sharing the promotional code Bliss50 your followers will receive an additional $50 off any ticket.

Until July 31st, Blissdom individual tickets are $489. With your promo code, tickets can be purchased at a discounted rate of $439. And $100 of that ticket price goes directly to you!!! Think about it - if just 25 people in your audience purchase, that’s $2,500 in your pocket!

Landing Page

One of the best way to promote Blissdom on your platform is by creating a landing page. This page will give you a dedicated place to drive traffic to and ensure visitors use your link to click through and purchase Blissdom tickets.

Here a few best practices we recommend when setting up your landing page:

  1. Give your landing page a simple URL. We’d recommend

  2. Make your landing page visually interesting. To help, we’ve created several options for you to use. To view/download all graphic options, click here.

  3. Use our swipe file below to round out your landing page. Feel free to edit it as needed to fit your style and site.

    Blissdom is a conference and a community of women who want to take their business and life to the next level. Join us in Nashville, TN, November 14-16th for this amazing weekend of learning, connecting, and lots of dancing!

    Blissdom offers great keynotes, expert Round Table sessions, and four learning tracks of classes designed for online entrepreneurs and dream-chasers to get the insider knowledge they need! Don’t fit into just one track? That’s ok! You can mix-and-match track sessions to ensure you get exactly what you need!

    The learning tracks are:

    Business + Entrepreneurship

    Writing + Speaking


    Photography + Video

    [Mention what your role is at Blissdom and why you are excited about it here]

    I can’t wait to hear from [FILL IN A COUPLE OF YOUR FAVORITE SPEAKERS] in person and learn their best strategies and tactics. [OR FILL IN WHAT YOU’RE MOST EXCITED ABOUT]

    Remember: Use your affiliate link in three different places on your landing page and give a clear call to action to use BLISS50 for $50 off the ticket price of $389.

Promote. Promote. Promote.

The best way to get your audience excited is to talk about it! They want to hear why you’re excited and how they can benefit from joining you. When it comes to affiliate sales, remember that it often take 5-7 mentions to your audience before people are ready to buy.

Here’s a few ideas to help get you started.

  • Make a slideshow with our graphics (HERE) on your Instagram feed or Facebook page

  • Re-share Blissdom’s Instagram and Facebook posts

  • Create Stories on Instagram or Facebook and swipe up using your link or landing page

  • Utilize one of our conference graphics on your website

  • Promote it in your newsletter

To help you, we’ve created several packages of Blissdom branded Social Media assets for your use. Feel free to mix and match the graphic options to best suit your social feed aesthetics. We have colorful options and minimal black and white options. We know the look of the feed can’t be messed up! :)

Gold & Navy Graphics


Within each of the graphic packages, we have also built some frame graphics that you can put over your own photo. They will look empty except for the lower third graphic that will overlay on your photo when you upload it to Photoshop or Canva.

Additionally, we have a folder of Lifestyle Graphics that you can utilize on social media and your website.


If there’s something else you’re looking for that you think will help you, please email us at

Thank you for your support of Blissdom and for spreading the word!